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Every day, the media in Ukraine report the bombardement of military and civilian targets, including medical facilities such as hospitals. The supply of the population becomes more and more difficult. This is especially true for medicine. The willingness to help is great, but the recording of needs, the reconciliation of the stocks of various suppliers from the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology companies and other sources has not yet been optimally coordinated.

Therefore, healthcare experts (doctors, pharmacists, hospital purchasing, etc.) and IT specialists have joined forces to form the Medical Bridge initiative and have created a central quotation and ordering module based on an e-commerce solution that is cloud-based and already equipped in terms of data protection, automation and interfaces. Here, the connection of manufacturers (pharmaceutical companies, medtech producers, etc.) and donors of medicines and other medical goods is guaranteed, as well as the ordering by the requesting clinics, doctors, etc. in Ukraine is ensured. What is not already available as a material donation, can be purchased by companies and aid organizations specifically financed from donations from the suppliers and from there placed on the platform.

Medical Bridge is a non-profit organization with a free tool that is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere. Hospitals and medical institutions, after being officially verified, can order online on the platform, but also orders and requests that arrive by phone, fax or otherwise can be processed therein. As long as transport to the clinic's territory is possible, the order is sent in one or more deliveries.

There are no costs for the clinics in Ukraine.